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Thread: What Are You Listening to? Part 2

  1. Quote Originally Posted by arjue View Post
    If you're gonna post a YYY video, you can't go past Y control. One of my favorite videos:
    I didn't know they made a video for that. One of my favorite songs. Love the whole album really.

  2. "Voices inside my head" - THE POLICE
    Fight Like A Robot!

  3. Level 42- "Lessons in Love"

    Finished in 2018: 25 games (AC: 11, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 1)

  4. "Train Under Water" -- Bright Eyes

  5. Take off your clothes - Morningwood.
    MechDeus - Nick is the Bruce Wayne to Yoshi's Jean-Paul Valley.
    Quote Originally Posted by MechDeus View Post
    You just don't comprehend how well he's (FE26/Buttcheeks) comprehending. He's understanding you saying things you never said, that's how good he is.

  6. Third Eye Blind


  7. Get My Bodied -- Beyonce

  8. "Is this some Live shit or what" Aphrodite

  9. Gaza - I don't care where I go when I die.
    Boo, Hiss.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by torgo View Post
    Bright Eyes
    Stop it.

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