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Thread: What Are You Listening to? Part 2

  1. Dream Brother- Jeff Buckley
    Check out Mr. Businessman
    He bought some wild, wild life
    On the way to the stock exchange
    He got some wild, wild life

  2. Ghostface Killah - Fishscale

  3. I am currently listening to some Jandek, this dude is pretty fucking sweet.

    Following up with Stephen Still's Tree Top Flyer

  4. "Don't stand so close to me" - THE POLICE
    Fight Like A Robot!

  5. #85
    Fugazi13 SongsFugazi-13 Songs-10-Burning Too

  6. Lily Allen - Alfie
    Say you like it/Say you need it/When you don't
    Looking better/Shining brighter/Than you do

  7. fields of athenry-dropkick murphys
    Quote Originally Posted by Compass
    Squall's a dick.

  8. Swan Lake - Beast Moans

    I heard a song of theirs on the radio today that I liked. I dl'd the album and it's typical indie crap. Wierd and atonal for the sake of being wierd and atonal. Like a cross between Xiu Xiu and Conor Oberst.

  9. "Theme from a dream" - Desmond Williams
    Fight Like A Robot!

  10. "Spray Paint and Ink Pens" - Fort Minor Ft. Ghostface Killah & Lupe Fiasco
    Quote Originally Posted by Master Shake
    Look, Yes. I have banged hundreds of broads...internationally. But know this, I wrap my rascal 2 times. 'Cause I like it to be joyless and without sensation, as a way of punishing super-models.

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