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Thread: ANOTHER Brand New Nintendo Wii

  1. ANOTHER Brand New Nintendo Wii

  2. Pls stop.

  3. yeah

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    We need a new rule. If you're not going to give TNLers first shot, then keep the spam off the board.

  5. I said it once and I'll say it again...ban pls.

  6. Did he really just list the wii as having 5 games?

    I'm all about selling your shit on eBay but COME ON.

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    That's actually really common on ebay, as retarded as it is.

  8. Oh, I know it is, I just thought he might have a little more class. OH WAIT HE BOUGHT A PS3.

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    You thought he might have class? Get more sleep, Chux. You're delirious.

  10. I'm taking a nap in my office, don't tell.


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