Original SCPH-1000 model. Runs everything perfectly (I've played Rez, Onimusha, a Winning Eleven and bemani on it), never had a disc error before. Comes with the original blue launch box and sealed documentation. No controller, no original power cord. I'll toss in a generic $4 Gamestop one if needed; you can use an Xbox, DC or sawed-off USPS2 power cord (double round end) on this.

This has no expansion bay, so no HDloader mod. I have no idea about how else it can be modified to play domestics or burns. I've been told something about this DVD player ignores region or something fancy like that if you have the original DVD disc, or something. If it ever came with a DVD player disc, I didn't receive it when I bought this used. I'm sure it can be otherwise obtained.

Asking $80 shipped within the US. Paypal (plus $5 for fees), Postal MO or concealed cash only.