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Thread: GameFan Issues For Sale

  1. I'm selling some hard to find issues of GF ~ #'s 3-6 (1993) in Near-Mint condition on eBay right now...Thought some of you might need them for your collection.
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    So gets a legitimate selling thread, but you spam a GD thread at TNL? Nice form.

  3. Nothing gets by you TNLers! lol I only did that because I noticed there is hardly any traffic in this section of TNL. Plus, I had been reading through the GameFan History Thread and many people were talking about needing the earlier issues. So, I thought that I should mention someting in that thread. Sorry for being out of place.

  4. I want that 6 button controller for Jag... but ebay is going to rape me.

  5. Keep an eye on it.

  6. go back to atariage

  7. Haha... Nice to see someone remembers me around here.

  8. no. not really.

  9. The first 5 letters of my last name are 'Christ'...

  10. Quote Originally Posted by kevincal View Post
    The first 5 letters of my last name are 'Christ'...
    Is your first name 'Jesus'? Cause I've been saying those two words in conjunction quite a bit lately.
    "Your soul better belong to Jesus, mmm-mmmmm..... cause your ass belongs to me!"


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