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Thread: February reading goals

  1. February reading goals

    It's always good to have goals, and not just of that pesky "life" sort, or those of the video gaming netherworld we retire to from it. So, in this thread we can post our reading goals for the month. If nothing else, being able to write your plans down in public forum, hopefully to add a check mark next to them by the month's end will inspire some to pick up those dusty books/comics/manga that you've been wanting to tend to.

    My goals:

    - finish Dubliners by James Joyce. Started it last night, and have been paralyzed by it nearly every waking moment since. I hope to finish it sometime this weekend. P.S. I can quite confidently say that this has made for a supremely enlightening gift, Nick. Thanks.

    - start and finish A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, also by James Joyce. Hopefully this will make for a fulfilling companion to Dubliners. I'm very much looking forward to reading my way through Joyce's works -- the introduction to Dubliners gives not just insight on the book itself, but really tells a story of Joyce the man, that is nearly, if not equally as fascinating as his work. I very much suspect after finishing these two, that the rest of his work will become required reading. I fear Ulyssess.

    - start The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway. I'd like to at least get into the literal tome that is Short Stories, but I'm not going to try setting any goals on it other than that. I'll just try to start it, and see how far that takes me.
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  2. Finish Angel Station, and start another book (not sure what yet, hehe).

  3. Just found out Neil Gaiman has a new short story collection out - Fragile Things. I'm all over it.

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