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Thread: Grand Theft Auto IV

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda View Post
    London was already done in the GTA series, too, but since most people pretend the series started with 3, it's been forgotten.
    No, the series just wasn't worth a damn prior to GTA3.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by LordPerrin View Post
    and maybe one for Latin America) you travel between via boat or plane (catch a ride at the air/seaport, or jack one and make the trip yourself, maybe finding secret shit on small islands along the way).
    I want to fish for Square Tuna.
    Boo, Hiss.

  3. Anything before III sucks. The games are pretty much broken because driving is damn near impossible with the overhead camera.

  4. BTN

    If you still like the old ones, you're an idiot probably

  5. I guess I'm probably an idiot because I think the original 2D GTA games were actually fun as hell
    "The only way microsoft would make something that doesn't suck is if they made vacuums"

  6. #46
    omg less than 24 hours left

  7. I'm pretty excited to see what Rockstar's been brewing up all this time.

    Has online multiplayer this time around already been ruled out by the developers?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jetman View Post
    Haha, thats pretty funny. I wonder if there are people actually out there watching that commercial, "7:15:57:24 , 7:15:57:23 !"

    Any predictions on where we think this next GTA is taking place? We've already seen, a GTA in "Portland" (GTA 3), "Miami"(Vice City), and "LA"(GTA:SA). Whats left? a fictionalized "New Orleans"? "Dallas"? or international, "Tokyo", "London", "Bangkok"?
    Las Vegas.
    Quote Originally Posted by rezo
    Once, a gang of fat girls threatened to beat me up for not cottoning to their advances. As they explained it to me: "guys can usually beat up girls, but we are all fat, and there are a lot of us."

  9. Isn't it odd that Microsoft's got some other big announcement due so close to this countdown ending?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Error View Post
    Isn't it odd that Microsoft's got some other big announcement due so close to this countdown ending?
    Well fuck.

    Sleeping confirmed.

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