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Thread: Official PC Thread

  1. Yeah, out of the box my 1080 Classified totally doubled the performance of my overclocked 780 Classified. My graphics score in Fire Strike went from around 12,000 points to almost 24,000. You should try the Superposition benchmark that was recently release by the same guys behind Heaven.

    Which 1080 Ti did you get?
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  2. eVGA FTW3

  3. Nice! That's a GTX 1080 Ti in beast mode!

  4. Recommend of the moment- Torment X Punisher. It's a mean-spirited arena shooter that looks... less than refined. The gameplay, on the other hand, keeps on rewarding skill as you learn more and better ways to maximize it. Trick shots fill in 1/8th of a meter that gives a permanent power-up for that run once completed. The machine gun has limited ammo but its last shot leaves a trail of fire, and you reload by firing the shotgun. While the machine gun is pretty much the same no matter what you do, the shotgun has all sorts of neat tricks built into it. Shoot through fire and get fire bullets that, if you kill an enemy, fills in a spot on the Hot Stuff meter. Fill it all in and you get a fire shotgun. Kill three enemies with the shotguns three bullets and light up the Fuck You meter, which grants five bullets when filled. There's plenty more to discover, and I'm still putting it together, but the quest to max out the power of the shotgun means you're constantly looking for opportunities to do trick shots, frequently doing stupid things that result in your death. Everything, including you, dies in a single shot, although hitting the vulnerable area on bosses can take some doing.

    Anyway, really enjoying the hell out of Tormentor X Punisher and it's an easy recommend.

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    Humble Oceans Day Bundle is pretty amazing.

  6. payday 2 is free on steam if you want to be an incompetent bank robber

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    I guess I successfully waited that one out.

  8. I've been looking at 1440p monitors with 144 hz refresh. I've been running several games at a higher resolution, just to see how well they would run on my GTX 1080. DOOM runs over 144 fps, while some games like Witcher 3 hang around the upper 80s. I've been thinking about getting a G-Sync monitor, because I am worried that I'll see a lot of screen tearing. Does anyone here have a 144 hz monitor, and if so, do you run it without Vsync, or have a G-Sync monitor?

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    Spencer wants to bring Xbox emulation and other unimportant stuff to PC.

  10. I don't see what financial benefit MS could gain from having Xbox BC on the PC, unless they somehow link it to the Windows store and sell digital copies. They could at least use Xbox BC as another reason to buy an Xbox One.

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