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Thread: Official PC Thread

  1. Its not terrible but it will drive you in particular insane. Guns need to be leveled up, so the gun you own at level 12 say will soon be useless and you'll need to buy or craft a level 33 version of it (for example). Which sounds pretty normal so far, but they are both the same kind of gun. And then there are different qualities of gear, so your green gun isn't as good as your purple gun etc.

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    I wanted it because it was suppose to be a very good copy of Manhattan.

    And if it is, why has it not been hacked to let me bust ghosts?

  3. The game is good but kind of a missed opportunity.

    The Manhattan is extremely good.

  4. If you like difficult platformers / runners, you should check out Rungun Jumpgun. It's less than $2 on steam right now.

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    I do not like difficult platformers.

  6. That looks really good. Bought it--thanks for the heads-up, Arjue!

  7. Tracks is utterly freaking adorable, by the way. I started off with a white empty space save for a train and carriage on a single piece of track and built this in 30 minutes while learning what all the scenery pieces looked like. The tracks can join, diverge, and raise and lower easily as you lay down your rails, and will cheerfully hover in midair without any need for support so you can build as ridiculously complicated as you'd like. Then you hop in the wooden locomotive and drive around your creation, picking up passengers at platforms and dropping them at stations or just going on a joy-ride.

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    That looks cute, but not as fun as Minecraft.
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  9. Or Starcraft, Bayonetta, or Burnout Paradise.

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