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Thread: Official PC Thread

  1. Microsoft has changed their stance on Windows 7 supporting DX12. Blizzard has put pressure on MS to give DX12 support for World of War Craft for users of Windows 7. Apparently, about 30% of their users are still using the old reliable Windows 7.

    I'm curious about if Windows 8 users will be the one's left out in the cold for DX12 support.
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  2. Epic games, in an attempt to sway more gamers to their service, are giving away For Honor and Alan Wake to registered users of their service.
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  3. Epic games is giving away Metro 2033 Redux this week. You can also pickup Last Light for $4.99.
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  4. Never mind that, what are your thoughts about VR guys? This thing started not so long ago, but I'm sure soon we will see epic VR headsets and epic games, future is here!!!
    Bored and tired, u?

  5. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out on PC on November 5th. I'm glad that I've waited.

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  6. Maybe not.

    The graphics demands for RDR2 on PC are insane. There's no reason why this game should perform so poorly on a decent PC. Even the flagship RTX 2080 Ti struggles with this game.

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  7. Rockstar half-asses PC port, details at 11!

    Give it a year or two, they'll sort it out given enough time and a few new generations of graphics card.

  8. GTA V runs like a champ though. Yeah, GTA 4 was jacked up.
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  9. I've been reading more about how most people can't get the game to even start (or it crashes their rig).

  10. Yeah, some of the AMD Ryzen rigs will flat out not run the game without a Bios update. It's odd, considering that the consoles are AMD hardware and the basis for the game.
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