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Thread: Official PC Thread

  1. Did you have to sign up for it, or is this a lol u beta'd other shit for us yo, have this one, hand out.

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    I signed up for it ages ago.

  3. Yeah, you had to have signed up for it. You can still sign up, but I'm not sure when you'll get in. All I can say so far is I'm having fun and the graphics are a bit outdated a la WoW was when it came out. The rest of the stuff is NDA.


    Frontlines: Fuel of War delayed for marketing reasons!

  5. Tried out Lost Planet for Windows today. Goddamn is it pretty. Playing with a trackball rocks the hell out of the controller for this one, too.

  6. I couldn't get the DX9 demo running on my machine. Illegal operation right off the bat, both from standard download and Steam.

  7. i got the same thing.

  8. Heh. Nice error trapping, Capcom. I wonder if the Vista version's any better. I'll find out soon.

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    What online games are you guys playing? I haven't gotten into anything since GoW, and I'd prefer a PC fix.

  10. Lots of Counter-Strike (after five or six years with the game, I just started up my first season in the infamous CAL League), and an undisclosed beta.

    I probably won't be playing anything else for a while until Quake Wars hits later this summer (late July or early August seem likely at this point).

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