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Thread: Official PC Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Stibbons View Post
    With everything decent coming to the 360, what's the point?

    Non-gimped controls at superior resolutions.
    Quote Originally Posted by remnant
    I live in the fastlane bitches.
    Quote Originally Posted by diffusionx
    Thats how we roll, ride or die bitch.

  2. Signup for the Age of Conan beta has started. Also I think the Tabula Rasa signup is still going on.

  3. Battlefield 2 mods have been heating up lately. Lots of high-quality stuff coming out for my fave FPS series.

    Eve of Destruction:

    One of my fave mods ever for the BF series is FINALLY on BF2. So many great memories with this game. The new one plays great and looks even better. Kudos to the EoD team.

    The other is Desert Conflict:

    This is basically a remake of Desert Combat which is my favorite 1942 mod ever. It's focus is on wide-open vehicle combat. Classic DC maps mixed with some new maps and a couple BF2 maps and you got pure gold !!

    On top of these mods, there is already Point of Existence and Project Reality to play as well.

    I can't recommend buying the new complete collection BF2 enough. All the boosters and Special Forces along with insane mod support, there's always something new to play.

  4. Halo 2's Windows Live Achievements have been revealed if anyone gives a shit.

    Halo 2 Achievements

  5. More points for beating the game on Normal then you get for Heroic or Legendary.

    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by raystorm View Post
    Halo 2's Windows Live Achievements have been revealed if anyone gives a shit.

    Halo 2 Achievements
    Being the achievement whore I am, the achievements on this may actually get me to pick up Halo 2 for GFW. I always thought Halo 2 would be better for PC anyways.

  7. I played through a couple hours of Fallout 1 tonight (fallout collection version). I forgot how the game just kind of throws you in without any guidance, and it took a few minutes to get used to the interface again. Then I got cornered by 3 radscorpions while coming back from vault 15 and died. No save ftl.

  8. I searched around a bit, but couldn't really find any answers. With GFW Live coming in less than a month. I moved my PC over to my TV and piked up a sleek bluetooth keyboard and mouse. With GFW Live connecting PC and 360 users together, I was wondering how communication was going to work out. I would hope that voice chat will be possible with all users whether they are on the PC or 360. I know that when using the wireless adapter, all sound, both game and voice chat are channeled to the headset. I hear this blows, as would be expected. Has there been any word if this will change with Live, i.e will it be like Live on the 360 where game sound goes through the speakers and all voice is channeled into the headset? I plan on getting a bluetooth headset since I will need one for the PS3 at some point, but if they fix the wireless adapter to act like the headset does on Live, then I would rather just pick that up. I have a normal headset and mic for the PC, but it would be nice to have all game dound come out of my sound system and voice chat come out of the headset.

  9. I played Bugbash with a 360 user, using my Wireless Reciever and Bluetooth Headset and it worked fine.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Chux View Post
    I played Bugbash with a 360 user, using my Wireless Reciever and Bluetooth Headset and it worked fine.

    Ok. so just to clarify, game noise came out of your speakers while all voice chat was sent to the headset? If so, then that is good news. I'll probably pick up a bluetooth headset around when Halo 2 VO comes out. I was looking at BT headsets yesterday and some of them are damn expensive. Some of the lower priced ones were around $30-$40 while the more expensive ones were about $80. Is there any real major difference?

    Also, is anyone here planning on getting Halo 2 VO? Achievements and better graphics, as well as using a mouse and keyboard have me itching to play the game again.

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