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Thread: The Punk Thread Ver 7.0: Old Favorites & Fresh Blood?

  1. Enough with ac/dc

  2. They rock, man. I'm not even trying to troll. I don't get how anyone can dislike a band that rocks so fierce.

  3. I don't dislike them. They have some great rock songs that have unfortunately been adopted by the meatheads of America. Not bad, just kind of boring.

  4. Some of the Brian Johnson era is really good. Most of the Bon Scott era is fucking hot, sliced Gold! And like it or not, in 1978 & 79 three albums defined the sound of the next decade: new wave from The Cars, and metal through Van Halen and Highway to Hell.

    Plus, I mean...

    Come on!

    Anyway... this is off-topic. Hubb name a pop-punk band I prolly hasn't hert or eat shit and die noa. k thx

  5. I have two bands for you

    The ERGS

    Archers of Loaf

  6. the Dewtons
    the Copyrights
    Dead Mechanical
    Noise by Numbers
    Iron Chic
    the Firecrackers
    the Draft
    the Heroin Addicts
    the White Wires
    Mean Jeans

    I can do this all day.

    Just join the pop punk group on Facebook. More music than I can even deal with.
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  7. Sweet! I'll do that. Maybe the pop punk message board too...

  8. ppmb is, honestly, kinda shitty. Lurking the bands section is good enough.
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  9. I just added you to the group btw. Also added you to Felching Enthusiasts and Queers for Jesus.
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  10. So what are the essential Bad Religion albums?

    I've always liked their songs on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Crazy Taxi, but I've never actually listened to any of their CDs.

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