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Thread: FS: PS2, PS, DC, Saturn, Action Figures

  1. FS: PS2, PS, DC, Saturn, Action Figures

    I cannot ensure timely and quality service. I apologize for any and all inconvenience caused, and my intent was NOT "take the money and run". Two of the three parties product has been mailed as of this writing, and I'm waiting for a call back from the mail office when they get their system back up so that they can mail the third (which is going overseas). In addition, the three parties WILL have full refunds mailed to them sometime between next Wednesday and Friday. I did not mean for this to happen, the last two months have been the definition of 'suckage', and after all parties confirm they have received both their packages and refunds, I would like admin to either delete this account or permanently ban me.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Kev View Post
    Gekioh: Shooting King One of the last releases for the PlayStation. Stupid renaming of Shienryu, a Raiden-style shooter that funnily enough came out around the launch of the PS and Saturn in Japan. Still, it's a fun game, and the extra modes are worth a laugh or two. $5.00
    Vagrant Story Excellent Squaresoft game, kind of hard to describe, it's an action RPG that has a cinematic quality similar to Metal Gear Solid, and a battle system that's not quite turn based, but definitely menu driven. Back before Squeenix. $10.00
    How much shipping for these 2?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    How much shipping for these 2?
    Four dollars.
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  4. So $19 for both shipped?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    So $19 for both shipped?
    Yessir. PM me with your address and I'll let you know where to mail the MO.

  6. Bump for added items.

  7. Bump again, this time for my Dreamcast and Saturn stuff.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kev
    Saturn Loose, American system, no boxes or manuals, comes with an Analog controller and a Japanese-style U.S. controller, composite A/V cables and a power cord. Battery is still functional. $25.00

    Vampire Hunter First time I've ever seen a magazine re-review a game is when GameFan found the appendix code that bumped the animation up to 100%. While it's definitely a quality fighter, I'm more of a Street Fighter and SNK fan. Japanese. $15.00
    Hold pls?

    I would pm you, but I think you disabled them.

  9. Sorry about that! I didn't realize my messaging system was turned off. It must've been disabled while I was banned. It's working again, though. Thanks Kuro.

  10. Bump. I can accept Paypal now. I'm also extending the sale to Friday. I'm also adding some more items.


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