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    AB Cop

    Anyone played this game? I haven't ever seen it in the arcades but since I'm a huge fan of '80's Sega sprite-based 3d arcade games, I'm dying to play it.

  2. Looks familiar, though I think I say that about every game.

    Looks fun and it also looks like it was inspired by Burning Force (or vice versa).

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    It's looks more varied and more impressive than Burning Force from the pics.

  4. ... haven't played it...

    ... it looks pretty cool though...

  5. Hah...look at that ogre.

    I think I played this one at Gatwick Airport, UK in 1991 or thereabouts. It's hard for me to remember it distinctly, since it played quite similarly to other scaling Sega shooters at the time (Space Harrier, Thunder Blade, Galaxy Force, etc.).
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  6. Burning Force doesn't seem to have anything on this.

    The setting seems to have quite a bit of Night Striker in it, except that it's in daylight.

    Racing Hero also looks kickass.

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