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Thread: <$100-$150 Vidcard Help

  1. <$100-$150 Vidcard Help

    So I can't even load WoW anymore, and I'm looking at pink lines across my screen. I have an 256meg ATI Raedon 9800XT, and the fan probably died. System is P4 3.2 ghz and 2 gig ram.

    I just want a 8X AGP card that can run WoW suitably at 1024x768 (windowed) and CnC3 (if my price range allows). I have the advantage of CompUSA closing, so any card that's still there is going to be 30% off.

    So what's a good model card and brand to get? Can't really spend more than $150 right now, with the wedding and all.

  2. Buy a new fan for $15. I got an Arctic Cooler or some shit like that for my 9800 when the fan died, and it was the best computer-related purchase I ever made.

  3. stibbons speaks the truth.

  4. Damn straight. If you can still find a cooling solution designed for the 9800 series, you'll be able to overclock your card quite a bit too.

  5. If you want to stay with ATI get an X1300 Pro. It's a good stopgap card for the price.
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  6. Well, even after being off for 12 hours, the banding and offcolors remain after 12 hours of my PC being off. Think a fan will still solve the problem?

    And it looks like all videocards have been wiped from NJ CompUSAs, which either means 30&#37; off was enough for the cheapasses, or they took those stores out of the locator. I will try and find the X1300 regardless.

    Edit: What about nVidia? I'll go with whatever can get me back and is cheapest without being a piece of crap.
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  7. I bought some cheap-o video card and it works just fine. Cost me $100 and is better than the onboard video by leaps and bounds.

  8. I went with sleeve and got the X1300 Pro to keep things simple. The CompUSA had it for 10&#37; off, so... win?

  9. I'm looking for a new vid card here too. Just had to buy a new mobo and this one only has a pci express slot so my old agp radeon 9600 is out.

    Anyone know anything good or bad about this card? I'm not looking to do a lot of gaming on this thing. As long as I can play AOE3 & Civ 4 I'm cool. I will be doing some 3D Studio Max work & video editing though.
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