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Thread: $480 PS3 posted on Craigs list for DFW.

  1. $480 PS3 posted on Craigs list for DFW.

    Comes with

    Playstation 3 20GB w/ Box and receipt
    *4 Games (Resistance, Call of Duty 3, Marvel Alliance, Blazing Angels) and other games (demos preloaded)
    *3 BluRay Movies (Talladega Nights, Terminator 2, Ant Bully) - u have to see to believe!!
    *2 Joysticks (stock wireless and fan-cooled Logitech)
    *1 DVD/PS3 remote control
    *1 component cable (can include DVI-DVI/HDMI at no extra cost)
    *1 Logitech Playstation keyboard (for browsing built-in web)
    *1 Wireless Logitech mouse (for browsing built-in web)
    *1 Linksys Wifi Game adapter (allows you to play on internet wirelessly)
    *1 PS2 memory card adapter (to play saved PS2 games on PS3)
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