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Thread: Remake

  1. Remake

    my very first printed comic is now available for purchase!

    here's a link to the "official" site.

    let me know what you guys think. if you'd like a copy (they're 5 bucks) just shoot me an e-mail to the one i have listed on the site. thanks for your time and stuff.

  2. Email sent.

    Red against blue background hurts the ol' eyes.

  3. thanks! i'm sorry about your eyes. i think it's the size of the text more than the color, though. i'll mess around with it this week.

  4. please do

    it hurts so bad

    and not like a poking a bruise good hurt

  5. i changed the font color and size. it's pinkish now. thanks for your purchases, guys!

  6. Looking great man, love it.

  7. It looks much nicer now

  8. thanks. i also have a short dragon quest 2 comic up on check the place out when y'all get a chance.

  9. here's a page from the second book that i'm working on.

    max guy meets magma boy

    i'll be changing the font once i find another one i like. i know everyone and their mom hates comic sans. got any recomendations?
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  10. #10
    lol, thats freakin great. Good art and funny ending, I give a


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