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Thread: Star Wars: The Old Republic

  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Now as you know, I don't post much in the way of relevance in gaming threads (or anywhere else for that matter) however, my little (greek thing) has just called with some pretty interesting stuff.

    A little background, he works in advertising out West in the land of Opaque, he did some work for Jedi Starfighter and some other Lucas arts games and has several friends in the studio.

    I just got off the phone with him and he had some INTERESTING mother-fucking shit to say today, so here goes;

    A) The game IS being developed by Bioware
    B) The game WILL NOT be using the mass effect engine
    C) 360 exclusive
    D) It will not be set in the same time period as one or two.
    C) It will be announced as "in development" shortly after Mass Effect hits the market.

    Now call is speculation, or call it bullshit, the man knows his shit and has never been known as a bullshit artist. The fact he called me at 7:00am his time hungover is proof enough to me that it's on the way.

    Mark my words, by July there will be a lot more info than I posted above.

    To me this means Microsoft Wins.

    This may be the only thing I ever post in gaming that is relevant, so I will go back to being an asshole now.
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  2. I'll play that shit.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Biff_Pocoroba View Post
    This may be the only thing I ever post in gaming that is relevant, so I will go back to being an asshole now.
    You're not an asshole. You're an idiot.

    But I approve of this thread seeing as how KOTOR was great. I didn't play it after Jade Empire and Fable so the battle system didn't bother me, although I hope they do find a way to balance shit like this out.

    Jedi Academy's one-on-one fighting is still the best Jedi dueling I've played.
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  4. If this actually come out, it will complete the five main reasons why I bought a 360.

  5. Awesome, if this is true.

  6. KOTOR was great, but some of it was just repackaging of great moments from the original trilogy. KOTOR II took a lot more chances, but ultimately the story fell flat on its face because of the rush to retail. While I don't think Obsidian has been given the credit they deserve for making a decent sequel to one of the most popular games of the last gen, I am glad that the series is back in Bioware's hands.

    So, in conclusion, this should be good.
    Time for a change

  7. I don't buy it. The Bioware rumors have been saying for a while that they are working on a KOTOR MMO, and not KOTOR 3.

  8. Amazing if true, but I think for once AFX is right.

  9. This was always one of the reasons I purchased a 360, if bioware is on it that's fantastic. But I wouldn't be upset if Obsidian did it either though, I think they did a great job with two, fuck the haters.

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    I actually hope it is the MMO.

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