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Thread: Rock Band

  1. Rock Band

    "Expected in stores for the year-end holidays, the Electronic Arts game (no price set) for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 will be played with four instrument-based video game controllers: two guitars (lead and bass), a drum kit and a microphone."

    "MTV is supplying creative and financial support to Rock Band's development, as well as helping make deals with various music publishers.

    That means Rock Band will have performances by the original artists. In most previous music games, almost every song is done by a cover band. For Rock Band, some labels plan to supply original recordings. "This game offers a meaningful way for labels to participate in a segment of entertainment they, for the most part, have not been able to," MTV's Jeff Yapp says."

    "Online connectivity is a key to the game. The developers envision additional songs for online purchase beyond those in the retail version. And players need not be together to jam. "You could have one guitarist in Germany and another one in Texas, a drummer in New York and a singer from somewhere else, and they can play together online," EA's David DeMartini says."

    Well, I'm intrigued.

  2. I don't know what to think about this. Could be cool but also very expensive.

  3. Wait and see.

  4. I'm intrigued. This might be a good game, if its done right.

    BUT if Corey v Corey is not on this ... I will not buy.
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  5. The only problem I forsee is people fighting over which instrument they are going to play. Most of my friends who would be interested in the game wouldn't want to sing or play drums, so that leaves people fighting over the guitars.

  6. So do you just buy one of the controllers and then group up with people online who have the others? Or do you buy a set with everything?

    I'm not really down for paying $200 for a set when I don't need both guitars.

  7. I may have to purchase Guitar Hero 2 for 360 just because of this. Sons of bitches.
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  8. Heres the thing though, i don't think I've seen anything indicating its going to use the GH2 guitar.

  9. It will.

  10. The concept is certainly cool, but there are some key notes to keep in mind:

    1) This is an EA product.

    Therefore, I fully expect the online segment to run like shit, and also, that we will have to pay out the ass for the extras peripherals and downloadable content.

    2) MTV is handling ALL of the musical duties and (presumably) working exclusively with major-label record companies.

    Therefore, we will likely get stuck with nothing but shit music to play if there is not some kind of custom soundtrack or song editing software built into the game.

    That said, being able to "jam" in real-time over Xbox Live is a pretty sweet game concept; here's to hoping that Harmonix is taking note.


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