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Thread: Super SF2 Turbo: HD Remix

  1. What's up, you filthy cunt?

  2. #2212
    I have that costume for one of my dogs.

  3. Sirlin has an interesting post about Snake Eyes, the guy who won the HDR Evo 2010 tournament using Zangief with a gamepad.
    R.I.P. Paragon Studios

  4. Nobody cares what Sirlin has to say about anything.

  5. I certainly don't.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by RushedDown View Post
    hey yo

    i like original st alot better
    i dont give a fuck about grafx

    this game has a bunch of shit i dont like
    so imo its shit

    im dumb as fuck huh?

    whatever u say chico
    Everything about this post is awesome, from the avatar on down. I wish I had seen it sooner.

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