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Thread: PSone LCD, DC and N64 games - all F.sealed.

  1. PSone LCD, DC and N64 games - all F.sealed.

    I'm not one to sell things, but I have a few sealed games and an LCD screen that I'm looking to unload. I thought I'd give TNL a chance to pick them up, at a fairly reasonable price.

    The PSone LCD is factory sealed. I'm looking to unload it for $25, with an additional $8 ground shipping. SOLD

    Paper Mario and Conkers BFD are both factory sealed. Shipping will be another $3.50 ground, plus insurance if requested.

    Paper Mario = $15 sold
    Conkers BFD = $7/ $10 if you want the sealed guide as well. sold

    All Factory Sealed.

    Bangai-O = $15 sold
    Record of Lodoss War = $15 sold
    Jet Grind Radio = $6 on hold

    All sold out.

    Thanks to everyone for checking out my sale and to those that purchased the items.
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    This thread reminds me of the year 2001.
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  3. damn, you already sold the lcd
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  4. received the stuff yesterday. Thanks man!


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