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Thread: "Ghost" software: recommendations

  1. "Ghost" software: recommendations

    Title says it all, really. My old HDD is going bad, and I need to copy everything onto the new one.

    Norton Ghost is an obvious choice but I really dislike Symantec and their clunky bloatware.
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  2. find a bootleg copy of the original DOS based Norton Ghost that still works like a charm. That's why I use anyways. There's also drive imaging software for linux that I'm not too familiar with but I remember fooling around with it off the knoppix live cd which is (legally) free.
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  3. So you just want to throw in the new drive and clone it?
    The old DOS command line version of Ghost will probably work okay, but if you want to try and clone your drive from within windows, Partition Magic is very reliable and easy to use, and it's handy to have because you can then use it to resize your partition on the new drive (I'm assuming your new drive is bigger than your old one).


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