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Thread: $2.99 and beyond

  1. $2.99 and beyond

    Well that's what a gallon is going for today. I swear to god every time Bush doesn't get his way with congress, he turns around and takes it out on us. Fucking oil tycoon!
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  2. He has nothing to do with oil prices. Do you even know how oil prices are determined?

  3. Razor's right.
    Unessecary Bush slamming is lame.
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  4. I know, Milk prices are fucking ludicrous.

  5. I think I paid like $3.70 last time I filled up.

  6. 6.7 us$ pr gallon here. Quit whining!

  7. The chicken teriyaki at the deli I usually go to was a dollar more than usual today. When will the Bush madness end?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by dakidski View Post
    6.7 us$ pr gallon here. Quit whining!
    You live in a tiny country with windmills and tulips, and good public transportation. Americans NEED to drive everywhere in gas gulping machines or we will die. It's a fact.

  9. $2.88 a gallon so far here, and it's fucking murder. There are 4 million people in PR and 2 million cars.

  10. To do my part for the environtment, I walk almost everywhere I go. Or I date a girl with a car.


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