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Thread: .hack Trailer

  1. .hack Trailer

    IGN has posted the Japanese .hack trailer, and must say, it's looking quite good in motion. The beginning of the trailer has some great music, and they do some very interesting mixing of it with static and different tracks. About the last half of it is gameplay footage, though combat is still kind of ambiguous from the footage (seems like it's realtime, but there's menus, though they could be just for specific things), but they do have special moves, of which one is shown, and it looks damned cool.

    Very nice, with a great look incorporating snow static into things, and some interesting ideas. Still eagerly awaiting hands-on impressions...

  2. looks kinda like persona meets the matrix meets skies of arcadia.

  3. *drools*

    .hack has had me enthralled ever since I read about the japanese release, and this trailer just helps solidify my excitement.

    Hopefully we'll end up getting all the chapters, but I'm making sure to reserve this one to show Bandai they have my support.

  4. .hack is quite the unusual game, I got a chance to play some of it while at this years E3... plus I couldn't turn away .hack t-shirts ^_^

    The game is based on the OVA series, the names where changed from the OVA but the story is basically the same. The game looks like an online rpg, but it isn't really online, it's a virtual MMORPG... the whole story is that the two main characters are playing a MMORPG when something goes wrong, somehow the main character Kite is dragged into the game to save his friend Orca who fell into a coma after playing this game. So you chat and send messages to other virtual online characters (which are not since you are playing an offline game) just like you would on an online game... I am still not sure how this whole thing works but it was interesting to say the least

    The battes are real time and the special moves are from the menus, regular attacks only required pressing the buttons from what I remember.

    I am definately getting this when it comes out, the game comes with a seperate disc with 40 minutes of the OVA and the game itself has a choice of ether japanese or english voices, just in case the english is that bad

    Here is the home page for .hack

  5. Wow! Looks great! I must say, I hadn't been looking forward to this one because it did seem interesting. But now! I gots me some reserving to do.
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  6. [quote]Taken from
    the game will ship combined with a 40-minute Original Video Animation which tells a story that runs parallel to the game...
    And from what I could tell, they were talking about the US version, as the anime can be viewed in either Japanese or English.
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    There is wisdom beyond your years in these consonants and vowels I write. Study them and prosper.

  7. actualy its not based of the OVA serries.. its based of The tv show.. which is cool.. The OVA serries deals with real life, or the players..

    while Hack/sign the show.. is what the game is based of.. The knights trying to capture a kid, forget his name.. He cant seem to log out, and people are afarid of him, because they think his a cheater, because he uses a secret weapon to PK people.

    The only draw back i see from this game, that its not really online.. which i think it takes away from .Hack if you seen the show.. If it was onine.. this game would rule..

  8. Yeah it's based off the tv show, though they also have an OVA and comic series planned/showing. Pretty cool, I hope they become available soon since the team behind the show is really really good.

    Anyway, I haven't seen the trailer yet but I'll check it out now. I hope this game turns out to be pretty good, but the concept is still kinda iffy to me.

  9. Thank you Werewolf! I thought it looked more action-RPG, but couldn't really tell since they kept popping up menus.

  10. Well, Thanxs for hands on info guys This game sound pretty cool, and I will definately keep an eye on it in the future. I have to wait till Monday, to get the trailer though, and I watch it then.


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