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Thread: To Sell or Not To Sell

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    To Sell or Not To Sell

    OK so I want a 360. I have a buttload of games (not including older than ps2) that I am ON THE FENCE about getting rid of. I hate selling games. It was hard enough when I had my 64 and around 20 games stolen for it. However when I look at these games on the shelf I realize I haven't played them in forever and likely will not. Below is the list of games and their status. Let me know your thoughts on whether I should dump them or keep them to finish them. A major point of consideration though is that with all the current generations there are sequels to a bunch of these games coming that will likely be better than the originals (See Splinter Cell, Fable)



    Fable Limited edition DVD - Make an offer.
    GCN: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

    Princess Mononoke Sealed New
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Widescreen) New Sealed
    Memento (Widescreen) New Sealed

    ^I have two copies of those last three.

    Comics all come with backs and boards and are in great shape.
    GIRLS (Luna Brothers) Issues:

    Eternals by Neil Gaiman:

    Issues #1-7 (Complete set)

    I'll add more later.
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  2. A big FU for not like FFX. Anyway, how much for Hotel Dusk?

    You don't need the original Xbox controllers for the 360. Any BC game is played with the 360 pads.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Cowutopia View Post
    Do I need to keep my xbox controllers to play xbox games on the 360?
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  4. I would keep the DS shit but get rid of everything else, if RS3 is in perfect shape I would buy it.

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    Sell them. $30 shipped for Phoenix Wright: AJFA and Contra: SS?

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    Aight I'm gonna have a think and then start pricing stuff out now. I have to check shipping prices, and I also also have to see how much all this shit would get me in gamestop trade-ins. (I know it's a ripoff but I could feasibly get my 360 today.)
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  7. you will get less than 200 from gs trade-in....

  8. Don't sell Gaiman's Eternals miniseries, that and Shattered Soldier are the best things you own. There isn't a Star Ocean worth finishing, that should be the first item to go. The demand for an XBOX shrinks with each addition to the 360 backwards compatibility list; it's better that you sell it sooner than later.

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    I own better things than Eternals that are not for sale. but yeah, SS is good... The only reason I still have an xbox is because I couldn't afford the 360 and I'd feel naked without one.

    Do you think I could get 200+ for this shit by just selling it? Because I'd just go get the 360 today.
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    There are no rules, only consequences.

  10. Get your Xbox soft-modded and keep it and the controllers.

    Sell everything else.

    If I owned all that stuff, the only thing I'd even think about keeping is Contra.

    Selling old shit you know you'll never touch again is a good feeling.

    Also, you need a 360 ASAP, if for no other reason than to trounce me on the TNL Guitar Hero leaderboard.
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