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Thread: Tojo: not so great seller?

  1. Tojo: not so great seller?

    I was hoping to add to this thread, but for now Tojo gets this.

    Tojo offered a DOA stick on this thread. I PM'd him and we made a deal.

    We both agreed on a price on 4/23

    Quote Originally Posted by Tojo

    Sounds good to me too. Here's my address:


    I don't have paypal so send me your address and I'll get it all packaged up for ya. Thanks.
    I asked him how he would like his payment, and he responded (4/25):

    Quote Originally Posted by Tojo
    As for receiving funds, I'd prefer a money order over anything. I don't care if it's a postal one or a 50 cent one you get from 7-11. As long as it's not a personal check seeing as how I would have to wait for it to clear.
    I sent him the money order and have yet to recieve the item. That PM was the last PM I have recieved from him. I've been IMing/PMing Tojo since then and no response.

    If you are read this Tojo, please respond. I'm on AIM pretty much all day. I am reading my PMs too. Let me know whats going on.

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    That guy that screwed ShinMyk over.

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  4. I say give him a week and if that doesn't work ban him from posting in any thread but this one, give that a week, and if he still doesn't respond he gets permabanned and listed in the 'Book of Grudges' with Lucas Barton.
    Time for a change

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  6. I bought some Xbox Magazines from him and never got them. I mailed the MO out March 3 and have repeatedly PMed him and asked about them on Live. Nothing still.

    So no, not a great seller at all.

  7. That sucks :[

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    We're watching you.

  9. James L Berden (989) 781-2089 6939 Shields Ct,Saginaw, MI 48609


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