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Thread: Kev has disappeared

  1. All game packages have been shipped out. I've included in all three of them at least three extra games, and I've tried to make sure they are in line with each recipient's taste. One party has been Paypaled a full refund. The other two refunds will go out tomorrow.

  2. Now if Tojo would stop being a cunt.

  3. I got my package from Kev today, and sadly all the games were crushed. He just stacked the five games on top of each other and wrapped them in scotch tape. Then he stuffed them into a tight box with no bubble wrap or newspaper. The entire lower-right corners of every game are smashed, and I almost cut myself on the shower of plastic pieces that fell out when I opened the box. Two months of waiting for this.

    The only upside to this transaction is that it's finally over.

  4. I sorry to hear about that. Do any of them still work and if so, which ones are they?
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  5. I haven't tested them yet (just got them today), but the Mega CD games seem to have survived intact. The PS1 games took the brunt of it, so I'll have the try them out tonight and see.

  6. All games have been shipped, and all refunds have been distributed. Admin, please delete my account.

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    Yo don't delete his account. DO put him on suicide watch.

    What's up man?
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