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Thread: StarCraft 2

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    I totally missed that this was free to play. I also missed getting Heart of the Swarm for free, which sucks.

    The game seems very nicely balanced right now.
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  2. I want my widow mines back where they aren't uncloaked while they recharge!

  3. I've been playing around with the 1st chapter on Hard. It's weird going from Sins of a Solar Empire:Trinity, to SC2. You can barely back the camera away in SC2, while SSE allows you to zoom all the way out to a galaxy.
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    I picked it back up over the last couple days just playing against ai versus. The game automatically curves you based on performance and starts you at very easy. I only played for a bit and got to hard and itís pretty easy to win every game by just rushing tanks.

  5. The AI isn't really good. It uses a few different pre-set builds that work on specific timings. Stuff the first advance and you can pretty much counter push and win right there. The AI doesn't know how to really adapt to anything. Liberators are crazy strong as it seems like it doesn't know what to do against them if it doesn't have a huge army to brute force push through. If you set up Liberators at the ramps of a base, it doesn't even try to use air units to get out/go around you.

  6. Iím currently playing the level where the planet is on fire and you have to build up your resources, while constantly moving your base to keep it from being toasted. Itís incredibly tough on hard.

  7. He's talking about the ai in Versus, not the campaign.

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    I donít remember the campaign on hard being that bad either
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    There are no rules, only consequences.

  9. Getting achievements at that level is usually a good challenge.

  10. Apparently a playable build of Starcraft: Ghost has leaked online. Looks like it would have been a (maybe?) solid but generic shooter if they had gotten around to finishing it.
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