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Thread: StarCraft 2

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    Catching up right now.

    TY is up 2-0 and Eternal Empire was beautiful. I hope he doesn't blow it!
    partinG has got to be a favorite for the whole tournament now that Dark is out. He was already looking stupid good leading into ro8. Innovation has been the other super hot player, and Cure is playing at the highest level I've seen him go, but partinG PvT seems to be so strong I don't think TY or Inno can stop it. Calling Inno partinG final but honestly I think anyone is capable. TY will come with a plan against partinG for sure.
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  2. Semis live now.

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    well I would have lost money but Iím pleased. TY came with a plan like I imagined he would but it got him 3 maps instead of the 2 I expected. Parting made a lot of mistakes. Game 3 the greed was misplaced after he was in a good position. Then he had the real bad split attack. All his control seemed to fall apart when he split his main force into several smaller groups. The DT blink comp is an idea: take 8 bases and try to power through instead of worrying about value but man did it not work at all. Good play by TY going slow and grindy through that nonsense.

    Iím such a TY fan because you can tel how much he breaks the game down and comes prepared so Iím really glad he is through. Itíll be fun to see if Cure can upset Innovation but Innovation is like the opposite of parting, a macro powerhouse. TY will have another bunch of planning to do.

  4. I watched it live last night and I was pretty surprised. The first game was a good strategy from TY it's been seen before but he executed it very well and finished him off real quick. The Terran game seems to be going much deeper into fake proxies and dummy proxies and all that sort of stuff.

    If the poxy doesn't just outright kill them then the slight Advantage just starts to Cascade.

    Game 2 just really showed the difference in level of Defense between the two players. The amount of probes that were killed by the three Hellion drop was crazy. Parting was down 10 probes or something real early on and you could see he just fell apart. Not having any defense at all to be able to spot the drop was really surprising that seems like a lot of people who play terrans are used to that sort of thing and have had at least two or three stalker's roaming back and forth to stop that.

    The attempt using the dark Templar failed so badly and every protoss move looked anemic.

    Buy game 3 you could see Parting was really rattled not making warp gate until 5 minutes in when he was already dead was just terrible. He was putting on some decent pressure and with warpgate he probably would have been able to at least hold it and make a game of it.

    I'll have to re-watch the two games after that and see what really happened but they didn't seem very memorable to me.

    The last game seemed to really encapsulate the whole series parting just did not seem like he was playing very well at all and seem completely rattled at one point he had something like eight bases and was using that weird mixture of disrupter dark Templar and zealot. His micro just seemed to completely fall apart. he had a decent advantage in numbers when he had the two colossi but for some reason he said them in separately and they just got raped.

    Parting looked entirely outclasses and Ty is able to look at the situation and adjust on the fly and parting seemed unwilling or unable to even change his strategy. A long slow death from sequential nukes was something that he probably could have dealt with if he changed his mixture up earlier but he just seemed to be too stubborn to do it.

    I'm not surprised that ty won, he seems like a really good player I'm just really surprised that it wasn't closer than that and parting completely fell apart. I thought he was a much better player than that.

    I am disappoint.

    I hope the next semis a lot more interesting than that.
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  5. The first 3 wins, TY pretty much won with hyper aggression. Hellion drops were all the rage years ago and I guess Parting never thought that could be coming.

    I think Parting just had a bad day. It looked like he was having trouble focusing. He clearly split his army in that game with the Colossi to go for a two prong attack and didn't move both of them. It's really weird he went in with the second half after the first got stuffed.

    He had an interesting plan for what turned out to be the final game. Tat disruptor, DT and zealot comp is really weird and it worked at the start. But then TY simply set up for it. At one point he had a Raven and pack of ghosts standing to the northeast waiting for parting (all credit to TY for excellent scouting and awareness, I think he knew where Parting was more than 50% of the time) and just sniped the shit out of those DTs.

    Parting never changed tactics when it was clear it wasn't working. He expanded so fast I think he decided early on to force war of attrition. At 8 bases (!) he was hoovering a ton of the available resources and sent in waves (like a zerg) to try and make TY spend all he had. But TY defended all of it, Parting never made any progress to destroy a mineral line and never touched the production. It was easy for TY to replace what he did lose. I'm pretty sure TY never built more than two factories for tank production! His splash damage was nuts for the entire game, it wasn't until TY was pushing forward that Parting got any good disruptor hits on them. Meanwhile, Parting is dumping a fortune into DTs, he made at least 50 of them. I don't know why he didn't transition into air. Sure TY had marines, but a surprise air composition meant more mobiilty further into the map and the 12 tanks and Fortresses TY had would be useless.

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    Yeah...partinG was a little off but TY played really well.
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  7. Group B of new season went down a couple days ago. 3rd match set was amazing.

  8. Group B season 2 GSL live now. Dark v. Innovation.

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    Group B was very entertaining. parting DRG is what I want to see
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    There are no rules, only consequences.

  10. Both groups been good so far. Going to have to rewatch B with full attention.

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