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Thread: Washed Ashore

  1. Washed Ashore

    Here is a new little project I am working on.

    All done with the wacom tablet in photoshop. I am gonna work on knocking out more pages out whenever I have a bit of down time.



    Also, check out the washed ashore website.

    The story continues on the washed ashore site by clicking here...
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  2. That gull has NO right to be angry.
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

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    again, very nice.

  4. Looks good. Also looks like you're trying to trick me into thinking it was drawn on paper!

    Except for the disclaimer at the top that says it isn't, I mean!

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    "Chuy, you're going to have a magical life. Because no matter where you go, it's always going to be better than Tucson."

  6. Thanks all.

    rezo - I apologize for my trickery!

    I will hope to have moar pages tomorrows.

  7. I want to see more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    I want to see more.

  9. love the texture bg. can't wait to see more.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Klonoa View Post
    love the texture bg. can't wait to see more.
    i'm in the crowd as well. great word as always kid.


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