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Thread: A Robot Bit Me's Sale/Trade List

  1. that MGS3 is the one that comes in two cases right? one reddish and one silver?

  2. The silver disc you often see alongside the MGS3 LE was a pre-order bonus. Something like "History of Metal Gear Solid Vol 1." I think I may have that kicking around as well, I'll rummage through my stuff when I get home tonight.

  3. yeah wiki is kind of confusing but from what i can tell Subsistence is normally 2 discs. the LE has a 3rd disc called "Existence" which has all of Snake Eaters cinemas shown movie style. then a preorder bonus which is the one you mentioned "Metal Gear Saga vol 1".

  4. I found the Metal Gear Saga pre-order bonus disc. It has been opened, but is in flawless condition. This is available as well, I'd prefer to sell it in conjunction with MGS3 as opposed to on its own.

  5. pm sent.

  6. Dragon Force is no longer on hold. I'll also be selling all of my comics that do not say "Walking Dead" or "Alan Moore" on them to include the first six or seven Y: The Last Man trades if anyone's interested.

  7. A buddy of mine's birthday is coming up, and he's been looking for a copy of Space Fishermen for quite some time. Li'l help?

    Added a few comics, will add more as I dig them up.

  8. Are these 2 CIB? If so, how much?

    Bubble Bobble Old & New
    Lunar Legend

  9. PM sent, KoF.

  10. Added Ontamarama and Shining Force CD.


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