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Thread: This Month's Haul - June 2007

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    Arcade This Month's Haul - June 2007

    I'm expecting these guys to arrive tomorrow:

    My overgrown puppy decided my DS AC adapter looked like a chew toy. She's lucky it wasn't something more rare/expensive. Thanks to XenoG for SF:AC.

    Also, thanks to K3V, this stuff came today:

  2. what is with your GC love all the sudden? didn't you used to say how worthless it was before and threw a lol in every GC thread?

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    No, I imported a Japanese launch GameCube, got it modded the week before the US launch, and never looked back. The PS2 was the best system of the generation by far, but I enjoyed my Cube quite a bit. I'm on a major 2D kick more than any particular system right now.

  4. Scrapland.

    Quote Originally Posted by BerringerX
    I am pretty sure one of the reasons Jesus died is so we could enjoy delicious chicken and waffle fries seven days a week.
    Eat a bag of dicks.

  5. Two tickets to see this guy at Madison Square Garden:

    I will also be getting Spider-Man's spider symbol from the movie tattoo'd on me tomorrow if the artist is available.

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    Did you lose two bets?

  7. More like won at awesome.

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    Your idea of awesome is eerily similar to kbuchanan's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    More like won at awesome.
    Movie symbol =

  10. The movie symbol on the front of his red/blue suit is a lot more detailed and a better shape than his comic counterpart so it makes a better tattoo.

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