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Thread: Yossy Desu Ne

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    flawless you mean

  2. Yoshi shipped fast and the game was in flawless/mint/perfect condition.

  3. I'd give him extra rep if he could do something about your taste in games.

  4. My favorite games:

    Tekken Tag Tournament
    Rock Band 2
    Castlevania: SOTN
    Pac Man CE

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    I'm trying to leave you formal feedback, and the piece of shit is giving me an error. Does it work for you?

    edit: The last freeform field is required, which is stupid. At least it went through.
    Last edited by Yoshi; 24 Aug 2010 at 09:28 AM.

  6. Yoshi promised me a used copy of 'Dreams of my Father' for 100 dollars and never sent it after he took my money. Bad seller. Would not do business with him again


  8. Got my sega rally.

  9. I bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 from him, and it arrived quickly and in mint shape. He even left the registration code on top of the manual to punk me.

    Great seller!

  10. I bought some DS games from him recently. Top notch transaction, as usual!


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