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Thread: The Amazing Spider-Man

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man

    Since we basically spent the last 3 pages of the last thread arguing over what villians would be in the next Spiderman, we might as well not stop the discussion because of the omfg database.

    I'm saying Lizard, to finally pay off on the Curt Conners cameos in all 3 movies, and X, where X is a villian that will not even have as much impact as Goblin, Doc Ock and Venom.

  2. Aunt May.

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  3. Tarantula

    No, wait.

    Jack O'Lantern


    Clone Saga ftw?

    In all seriousness, it should be Lizard, possibly with some Mysterio on the side. Maybe Rhino instead.
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  4. Zombie Uncle Ben
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  5. no more spiderman please

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dyne View Post
    no more spiderman please
    Agreed, after spider man 3, i said to myself "thats it, no more". the only thing cool was Venom, why they didn't do the whole movie or half of it with that character is Bleh. sm3 went into the too much characters, not enough plot. Was there even a need to add gwen stacy or sandman. having gb2 and venom would've been enough imo.

  7. You know, you don't have to watch any more movies that get made. You do have a choice.

  8. id rather the budget and time spent on a new movie be put into NEW ip's thanks.

  9. As long as you're dreaming would you like a pony?

  10. Seriously. After the money all three Spideys made you don't think Sony's gonna whore that franchise out for every single penny they can squeeze out of it?


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