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Thread: Official Toy Thread

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    I have a stack of toy fair magazines I want to get rid of. They're from the first few years of the magazine.

    Anyone want these?

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    In before garbage.

  3. Got any Wizard?
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

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  5. I'm in. Loved Toyfare.
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    I want this..
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    I'm in. Loved Toyfare.
    It was great when Tom Root wrote or it. When he split, the humor kinda went with him.

    Twisted Toyfare Theater ruled.

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    Yeah, that gave me a lot of laughs back in the day. I still remember the one where Hulk pitched a loaf in the sink.

  9. Twisted Mego/ToyFare Theatre was great, as were the little single-panel strips on the price guide pages. "Christ, what do you eat, Kenobi? Eggs for every meal?"

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    ha, yeah, I remember that one too!

    Has anyone scanned this stuff in? In hindsight it seems like an early creator of what would be web memes (though memes are as old as language, maybe older).

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