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Thread: Official Toy Thread

  1. M.A.S.K. was fucking sweet. My mom had a couple hundred tapes of movies she recorded off cable (so we had something like 600 movies for me to browse through), and a little booklet that told said what was where. For some reason I could never seem to get it through my head that the movie Mask had nothing to do with the awesome toys, and my mom would have have to remind me every few months.

  2. Hah, my folks did the same thing... how ludicrous that mountain of tapes labeled only with numbers you had to look up in that little notebook looks in hindsight. I think we watched most of them exactly once, and by the time I turned ten they had realized how dumb it was.

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Biff_Pocoroba View Post
    Shit, I think I've been there. That's in Cleveland, right? The woman and I made a trek out to Cleveland when we first started dating and stopped at that place. That place is packed with good stuff.

    And M.A.S.K. was awesome. I still have some of the little guys tucked away somewhere.

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    Or how about Crossfire.
    That shit looked a lot more fun than it actually was.

  5. I never played it, but I still routinely get that jingle stuck in my head.

    CROSS FIYAH! You'll get caught up in the... CROSS FIYAH! CROSS FIYAH!


  6. IBTN

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

  7. Is it me, or in that video does the one kid grab one of the ball bearings and throw it at the other kid?

    Also - I had the cross fiyah, was not much fun.

  8. I still have a M.A.S.K. Firecracker somewhere in my closet, I believe it still has the box too.

    Click for full size

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    K3V is awesome!

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    M.A.S.K. Firecracker
    Naming it that was just begging for kids to blow it up with m80s.

    I had the motorcycle/helicopter and the gas station/gunner station (I think the latter was a mail-in only thing).

  10. Here's a little something awesome for those of you hitting the comic conventions this year, and here's hoping for some way for the rest of us to get it that doesn't involve the words E and Bay...
    Stan Lee to Get His Own Action Figure
    Source: The Associated Press
    June 20, 2007

    Hasbro will pay plastic tribute to Stan Lee, the 84-year-old creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four and other comic-book heroes by interpreting him as a 6-inch tall Marvel Legends action figure, says The Associated Press.

    The toy shows Lee's likeness wearing khaki pants, a blue windbreaker and eyeglasses.

    "We feel it's long overdue that Stan Lee be immortalized as an action figure, much like the dozens of marvelous characters that he has created for years and years," said Eric Nyman, Hasbro's vice president of marketing. "And it couldn't be more fitting than to create him as a 'Marvel Legends' figure."

    The limited-edition, $14.99 toy will be introduced next month in San Diego at Comic-Con International.

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

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