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Thread: PSP ver 1.50 for sale (and some other stuff)

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    PSP ver 1.50 for sale (and some other stuff)

    I thought I'd offer some stuff on TNL before trying Craigslist or ebay or whichever. I have the following for sale:

    1.) PSP Ver 1.50 -- $115 shipped

    -In wonderful condition. No dead pixels. Everything works perfectly. There's a SLIGHT scruff on the right side. Maybe 1cm or so. It's always been there. Comes with 32mb card, case (the one that comes with it) and screen protector/dpad thingy (that came with sfa3) thingy already attached. Sorry, doesn't have original box or manual or such.

    2.) Skies of Arcadia for Dreamcast -- $15 shipped

    -Pretty much mint condition

    3.) Anime dvd:

    -Pretty Sammy Collection 1 -- $10 shipped
    -Pretty Sammy Collection 2 -- $10 shipped

    Yeah, lame stuff overall, but oh well. PM me or reply if interested.
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  2. If you install the custom firmware on the PSP, you may be able to get more money for it. About $20-30 more.


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