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Thread: "Snood"

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    Back in college, there was a Puzzle Bobble clone called "Snood" that was EVERYWHERE in the dorms. Now I see it's been on portables. Ugliest game imaginable, like, 1992 shareware game graphics.

    Best was one day playing Puzzle Bobble 2 and somebody saying "oh yeah, like Snood!" WTF.

    Recently saw a copy at a store for GBA going for $30.

  2. Because people are ignorant assholes, and Puzzle Bobble/BaM isn't as well known among the casual audience it appeals to as you'd think.

    Also the Snood guy is a complete sleaze, and refuses to acknowledge his game is a clone, and loads the shit full of invasive spyware and adware.

  3. We had this on our Macs in elementary school. So yeah, 1992 shareware game isn't too far off (Wiki says 1996). The scoring was stupid though, I don't think there was a time bonus or anything so basically you would score well if you just made more shit to break, rather than breaking off chains at the top.

  4. I remember when this was all the rage. Weird phenom.

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    To answer the original question, it is because old ladies get tired of Brain Age and Big Brain Academy. It has to be one of the most requested titles for the over 50 crowd.

    What's really sad is at the flea booth I own, I had three copies of Snood 2 and one copy of Meteos, all priced the same. I sold all three Snoods before someone finally bought the Meteos. Consumers make me wanna cry sometimes.

  6. You need to smear dog shit over all your copies of Snood. Maybe you will sell Meteos first.

  7. I just looked up Snood 2 DS.


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    A gay vacation, amiright?

  9. I've never heard of this, and judging from how hideous that cover is I'm not sure how anyone else has.

  10. you used to be able to find stacks of them (along with Super Black Bass, Dino Master, and Golden Nugget) in the $10 clearance section at Toys R Us.


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