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Thread: TNL Musicians YouTube Thread

  1. TNL Musicians YouTube Thread

    Be it vocals, band practice/performance, kazoo, whatever. It'll be interesting to see those who are just starting out (or starting back, whichever) as they progress. If you have a name for whatever piece you're working on, give it, otherwise just give a brief description.

    Red Falcon (Demo, not finished with it yet)

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    This is a fun idea. I'll try wanking out on my bass in front of my webcam sometime.

    but not now. now is for pretending to do work.

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    Checked out the vid. I really like the third (?) part in that song. Where it gets faster. Its pretty fucking bad ass.

    You have the filthiest bass tone ever... pretty cool imo.

  4. Thanks. The bass tone is pretty simple, I crank the volume and equilizers to as high as they'll go, and I have a shitty webcam mic and about three feet tops between the bass and the mic. The posted song and the song I have in the Post Your Pics thread, I down-tuned my bass to just about as low as it would go while still being relatively audible.

    I'm trying to figure out what I need to keep and what I need to toss in that demo. A part of me likes the slow/fast dynamic, but folk seem to dig the fast part most, and there's no reason to have a bunch of slow filler, no?

    I'm hoping most that I might learn a thing or two in this thread. I'm interested to see what you got to bring to the table. JULIA'S SHOOTING UP!!

  5. Damn... no takers?

  6. I has no camera.
    Boo, Hiss.

  7. I have like 100 half done songs sitting on my computer, but once I lose that initial excitement about making the song, I never want to go back to it.
    Check out Mr. Businessman
    He bought some wild, wild life
    On the way to the stock exchange
    He got some wild, wild life

  8. diggin on your bass playin Kev, sounds horrifically evil which = very nice. I'll see if I can get one of my freinds to record one of our practices and put it up on Youtube (never done that either). This thread is a great idea, we need to get more people posting shit.

  9. A medley. Decided to switch it up just a bit. Not a real video, but two minute long Sound Recorder recordings (technically three, as the last few seconds were from another recording). Much softer, more eerie.

    Now... your turn.

  10. kev can you play Anesthesia? still one of my favorite bass solos ever.

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