View Poll Results: Should we disable Gamer Tags and other linked images in signatures?

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  • I agree that they are a nuisance and they slow down the site. Go right ahead.

    22 39.29%
  • No way! We are a gaming community and the Tags/images should DEFINITELY stay.

    11 19.64%
  • I like it the way it is, but I won't mind the change if you feel it's best.

    17 30.36%
  • I honestly don't care either way. I don't pay attention to signatures all that much.

    6 10.71%
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Thread: Poll: Getting Rid of Gamertags and Linked Images in Signatures

  1. Poll: Getting Rid of Gamertags and Linked Images in Signatures


    If I click on the link to jump to the last unread post in a thread, I am able to start reading while the images in the page are still loading. It happens that many times I continue for a few posts when suddenly an image that the page was waiting for suddenly loads and the page jumps back up to the first unread post. Then I have to scroll down again to continue reading.

    To see what I mean, load a big page (fifty or more posts) with signatures turned on, then load it again with signatures turned off, using the link that jumps you right to the last post.

    I notice that the images that drag the most are the Xbox 360 Gamer Tags, which are served from other sites. The TNL page doesn't know how big the image will be, so it doesn't hold its place, and sometimes it takes a while for the images to come up since the sites serving those Tags are so busy. So you get that annoying page jump.

    I don't generally make decisions by calling for a vote, but I will in this case. With the 360 Leaderboard, we have a tool that will lessen the impact of losing Gamer Tags in the signatures. I'm sure we can find a way to deal with PlayStation 3 profiles, too. I propose setting the board up so that signature images, like avatars, will have to be uploaded to the TNL server. I'm pretty sure I'm doing this, but I will definitely reconsider if people feel strongly the other way.

  2. I don't see a poll. Is this a write-in only election?

    I'd like to cast my write-in vote for Mike Gravel.

    Edit: You added a poll, but I don't see a Mike Gravel option.
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  3. I leave the zaniness to the pros.

  4. Your gamer tag name is already in your profile thing on the right. The only thing it serves in your sig is to be irritating.
    Boo, Hiss.

  5. That's quite right.

  6. I wanted to vote for Tacos. But since they're are no tacos, I shall vote to oust these silly tags. If the day comes when tacos are an option for our board, then I will gladly vote for the tacos.
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  7. I'll ask Josh to put a taco in his butt crack for you.

  8. #8
    jeezus, I thought it was only me and my shitty "business class" connection.
    I hate when that happens, which is all the time.
    My vote go towards whatever would stop it from happening.

  9. I voted option 3 but shouldn't a person annoyed by the jumping turn sigs off? Maybe an additional option for turning off images in sigs.

  10. I'm a retard and all but since we can choose not to see signatures at the moment I don't see the problem. But if people wanna see more images and don't want to experience problems then I'm all for a tnl server.


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