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Thread: Gamecube or me!!!

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    zidane747 Guest

    Gamecube or me!!!

    Okay, here's the deal: For my graduation at the end of the month, my parents will get me a system and a couple of games, but I don't know which system to get. On the one hand, GC has RE, Rouge Squadron II, SM Sunshine, Zelda, Metroid Prime, SSBM, some Sega games, and on the other hand, Xbox has JSRF, PD Orta, Halo, Morrowind, and the first iteration of MGS2:Substance. Help!! What system would you pick, and name reasons for picking it.

  2. I'd have my parents buy me the XBOX, as it's more expensive. And then with all of the GRADUATION MONEY YOU'LL BE GETTING FROM RELATIVES, you can have a GC as well...and $50 extra bones.

    Congrats on the graduation.
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    zidane747 Guest
    Thanks for the kindness and help. I don't know though, there really isn't anything now on Xbox that interests me(besides the perfect MGS2:Substance, but since my uncle already has an Xbox, I can just play it on his ^_^). Still, I think the GC would be a better deal for me, because I really wanna play RE, and all the lushious Nintendo games. Maybe I can get Xbox for my b-day in September, or Christmas. Since my relatives are in Puerto Rico, I don't think they'll send me much. *sniff*.

  4. Definately Xbox Sure Cube got RE and Eternal Darkness hopefully will be out in 8 days, but other than that there is nothing this summer on the Cube to play. But since you dont have Xbox yet, there are plenty of games on it for you to try, like JSRF, HALO, Morrowind, and Dead to Rights will be out next months Plus Substance and Orta goming out this Fall.

    You can always get Cube on later date, and with $150 price tag, its not going anywhere

  5. Well, let me tell you a little secret about the Cube: Rougue Squadron, and SSB Melee really aren't that good. You might get some multiplayer fun out of SSBM, but RS put me right to sleep. Still, I'd bet a lot of money that Zelda will be the best game out this year, and the Wavebird is at least as good as or possibly even better than jelly doughnuts at breakfast.

    I look at it this way: As "nitche"-y as the Xbox is, the Cube might be even nitche-y-er. Both will have fantastic games, but the Xbox might have one or two more fantastic games. In the end (and here's where I squirm out of actually giving you any helpful advise), you truthfully will find something to be happy about with either of them. I play my Xbox more if it means anything tho'.

  6. Well.....of course most TNL'ers will tell you to get an Xbox "for the sega games". But if in your heart you want a GameCube, then don't mess around with asking....go out and buy it!

    Follow your heart man (cheezy yes, but I speak the truth).

  7. Wow, Thugg must be asleep or something...


  8. Well, You have to ask your self if you like Nintendo games, and if you do then get Cube right now. Since it will have pretty much mostly BigN games, and not much of other parties games in the upcoming months.

    Yes RE remake is great, but thats pretty much all there is on the Cube at this moment, with only ED being something that interests me at this time.

    But if you care about Mario game, and the rest than you can get Cube, but you will have to wait till those come later this year.

    With Xbox, you will be playing the games now, and when those Cube games actully come out, possibly closer to your birthday, you can as your parents to pick them up with the systems.

    Oh yeah, Congratulations with your Graduation

    Cool, You have a birthday in September too? What day?

  9. Like I said, I'd go with X-Box. Right now, there doesn't seem to be much of anything for any of the systems coming out in the near future, BUT Eternal Darkness comes out really soon for GC, and I really wanna play that one.

  10. Originally posted by Despair
    Cool, You have a birthday in September too? What day?
    Me too! Me too!!!
    September 1st.
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    There is wisdom beyond your years in these consonants and vowels I write. Study them and prosper.


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