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Thread: Gears of War Official Thread : Shoot To The Left

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Netwurked View Post
    Dude, you don't even have a license. Does your mom drive you to all your social gatherings?
    Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    NY/NJ public transportation FTW. I see gay couples making out on the train all the time.

  2. King is right about the greatness that is NY/NJ public transportation, but I don't know what kind of trains he's riding to see so many gay people making out.
    R.I.P. Paragon Studios

  3. The G, A and Y lines are usually full of them.

  4. I saw a strange abundance of lesbians last night. I never understood why alot of lesbians fuck manly looking women.

    ps im home all weekend, lets play niggas.

  5. Yo, I saw an abundance of manly looking lesbians at the John Butler Trio show this past Thursday. They were out in force and getting down.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by K3V View Post
    quote masta
    Naaa. its just his Host advantage.

  7. There is truth in that statement.
    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    K3V is awesome!

  8. We are playing ranked yo... im me... timeslice22

  9. Bout to play some more ranked if anyone is interested warzone canals 7

  10. lol warzone.

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