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Thread: A Robot Bit me

  1. A Robot Bit me

    Is an honest, fast trader and also a nice guy. Can be trusted even when one sends to him first.

  2. A Robot Bit Me is a great trader. Everything arrived quickly and in great shape. Recommended!

  3. I bought a GBA game from him, it came before I pushed the order button. I don't know how he does it but he does do it.

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    A Robot Bit Me is the shit. My game arrived fast and well-packed. Good to deal with.
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  5. It took a bit long for mew to get my stuff. YET I MUST SAY ... it was because of the Holidays.

    He sent me my stuff and he even threw in a Holiday treat for me.

    He's awesome.
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  6. ARBM is awesome. The best there is.


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