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Thread: Life Is Good

  1. Smile Life Is Good

    I know you're all a bunch of jaded assholes, but we all have those great days where everything's going just right and life is good.

    Get out of that "What's Buggin' You Today?" thread, share your wonderful day with the rest of us, and maybe cheer someone else up with your story.
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  2. Just finished my first computer build last night without a single hitch, and it's better than I could have imagined. Also, after my sister crashed my car last month, another car happened to fall into my lap from a friend of the family that's better than the one I had. I get to keep the insurance money in addition to this. My girlfriend still rocks, I'm losing weight, and I got a raise last week.


  3. I will be in a good mood once I get out of here and on to the next chapter of my life. But for now I have to deal with the last two weeks of this job and man do I hate this job. I can at least recognize there's one seriously bright light at the end of my tunnel. Come on 17th!!!!

  4. I just laid a big poop that I am very proud of.

  5. I'm about to start playing music again. It makes my dick hard as a diamond.

  6. I started running (3-5 times a week) and I can now go two miles without slowing down at all. For me being really horrifically out of shape, I'm pretty damn proud of that.

  7. There's a massive storm that's about to hit, I may go running in it to fully enjoy it. But it may miss my house, so I could be sad.

  8. I've finally started to save up a little money, I've been listening to great music lately, I haven't played a video game in ages, I started reading regularly, got a new refrigerator, new glass shower with a chrome finish (drool), and I'm getting into story-writing. I'm pretty damn content.

  9. In a span of a month I went from 230lbs. to 190. I can also do about 110 crunches. I've lost a ton of weight and its not due to lack of food. In fact my diet and food intake have improved. It takes me less to fill myself and I eat a lot healthier.
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  10. I got a promotion at work this week. Now I'm makin' a whole lot more money. $$$ what.

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