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Thread: 1-Meg Ram Cart Wanted

  1. 1-Meg Ram Cart Wanted

    I need a 1-meg ram cart (official) for Sega Saturn so I can play my SNK games. I will pay $8 plus shipping for one. Thank You, PM if you are interested in selling one to me.

  2. I believe King of Fighters 95 is the only game that you can't use the 4-in-1 cart for.

    I personally would suggest saving your money, and buy a new 4-in-1 plus from

    Just my two cents, and good luck!

  3. ...

    I think Bandit was selling a game w/ the 1 meg RAM cart for a decent price a while back....I don't know if he ever sold it...

    Here's the link:
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  4. Speed-

    Check Bookman's on Grant and Campbell. Last time I checked they had several.
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