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Thread: Machinarium

  1. The system threads are fine as long as they're actually being used to discuss the system as a whole and not individual games. The XBLA thread I can understand having a problem with, but the games that deserve their own threads generally get them.

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

  2. I made a thread on the Independent game awards with loads of links of upcoming games. From time to time I check it for new updates from some of the games at the show.

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    The cool people do.
    I suppose the exception to this rule would be Yoshi?

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  5. And a new hands-on from Eurogamer:

    I am now VARY INTERESTED in this game, especially after finally playing Samorost 1 & 2

    -- Billy Mays

  7. what could i do ? for advice ?

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    I'd start with an ESL class myself.

  9. The demo's out:
    Here too (might be in German, not sure):

    This looks really neat and everyone should play it because it looks neat. Neat.

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    I certainly like the demo. I'll be buying it. The puzzles didn't wow me but at least they didn't have anything retardedly illogical. Decent puzzles plus amazing art and trippy music is good enough for me.


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