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Thread: Machinarium

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    Quote Originally Posted by epmode View Post
    God I love Machinarium's soundtrack.
    It's probably my favourite game soundtrack this gen (not counting licensed music) although NiGHTS 2 and The Witcher are up there, too.
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  2. Just beat Machinarium a second ago, and it's definitely in the year's top 10. Near the top, too.

    Not too fond of the very end, though. Sure, I can't wait for a sequel in however many years it takes, but I'd have liked more of a conclusion to the the story than the To Be Continued... (dun dun DUUUUNNNN) thing they did.


  3. I didn't really interpret the ending that way at all, to be honest. It didn't have a long cutscene or anything, but I don't really see how a game without language could or would.

    After some time has passed and my thoughts have settled, I have to say this is really one of the best adventure games in years and way high on my list of best games of '09.
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  4. Their escape heli-thingy is broken and they're carted off in different directions. Machinarium 2: I'm Sorry But Our Princess Is In Another Castle. Truly a wonderful adventure game, I'm just hoping the sequel expands on things. What was the deal with that bomb, anyway? The Dick-bot Trio put it there, sure, but why? Lots of questions to be answered.


  5. Last day for the Christmas Pack, in case you missed the info in the other thread:

    Our Christmas Sale starts Dec 17th and ends Dec 25th, in that period you can buy the bundle with Machinarium and Samorost2 only for $10 which is 60% discount from it’s regular price ($25).

    Amanita Design Christmas Pack includes:
    Machinarium (Win + Mac + Linux versions)
    Machinarium Soundtrack (MP3)
    Samorost2 (Win + Mac + Linux versions)
    Samorost2 Soundtrack (MP3)
    Hi-res Cover Pictures for Machinarium and Samorost2

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    I really wish they had conveyed that download links are only valid for 14 days from date of purchase. Makes me wish I had just bought Machinarium on Steam.

  7. I'm not having a good time with the triangle puzzle after the jail cell part..

  8. I just uncovered this one and was sold by the demo. For anyone in the same situation their Xmas sale link is still live. Get it while you can.

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  10. Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    Just beat Machinarium a second ago, and it's definitely in the year's top 10. Near the top, too.


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