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Thread: This Month's Haul - September 2007

  1. This Month's Haul - September 2007

    8 hours in and no one started this yet?

    Picked up Super Princes Peach off a friend for $15.
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    Picked all this up while waiting for my car to be fixed.

  3. The repair shop next to a toy store or something?

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    It's close enough. Wal-Mart, Target, and TRU all within 1/2 a mile radius of the shop, plus more.

  5. Good answer.

  6. This and Stranglehold will probably be the last game I buy between now and Eternal Sonata + Halo 3. The 360 is going to get a lot of attention over the next few months.

  7. Masters of Horror Season 1 mausoleum box set

    Metroid Prime 3 + Prima Guide

    Samurai Jack season 4

    From Bestbuy 3.99 each, plus had a gift card from last weeks BB promotion so all this for 16 bucks + tax:

    And some anime from sale came in:

    Basilisk 2,4,5,6 All LEs (already have 1 now just need 3)
    Trinity Blood 2,3,4,6 All LEs (already have 1 now just need 5)

  8. Hard Candy rocked.

  9. Two thumbs up for Devil's Rejects? Wtf. Rob Zombie sucks so bad.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Compass View Post
    Two thumbs up for Devil's Rejects? Wtf. Rob Zombie sucks so bad.
    i held off for a long time getting this one, didnt really like House of 1k corpses, figured for 2 bucks id watch it once and trade it in.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rumpy View Post
    Hard Candy rocked.
    now i just need to find Brick for cheapo

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