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Thread: Nevar Forget!

  1. Quote Originally Posted by nocturne View Post
    Yeah, i didn't know anyone who died. I could really care less about it.
    America deserved it.
    Look, I'm cool with any of the WTC pics you can post, but this shit is not cool.

  2. If we can't laugh about it the terrorists win?

    My roommate came into my room after the first plane hit and woke me up all "We're at war!" I said we'd still be at war in a few hours and told him to gtfo. A few minutes later the second plane hit and he came back in and turned on my TV. Mine was the bigger one.
    Boo, Hiss.

  3. I woke up and turned on the TV like any normal Tuesday afternoon. Saw what happened and rolled back over and went back to sleep.
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  4. No one deserves to have this much loss, Nocturne = idiot.

    I was in the Lunch room when I first heard about it that's all I remember.

  5. I woke up to HFS (lol clock radio), heard they were talking about some shit, turned on the tv just as the first plane hit. AACC cancelled classes and work was closed.

  6. I was on my way to my Global Marketing Class and - no lie - we were supposed to learn about Middle Eastern business practices.

    Talk about irony.
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  7. This thread is full of win.

  8. #28
    I cringe/lol at the Hulkamania every single time. It's the best.

  9. Josh's original pic is still the best:
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  10. I woke up late on the day it happened and saw a little of it on TV, at that point there was just smoke coming from the side of the tower so I didn't really think to much of it. Anyway, I went to classes and everyone was freaking out, this one chick was sobbing and screaming. I looked to a friend of mine and we decided to get the hell out of there.

    We went back to his place and watched KIDS.
    Time for a change


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